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I did something before I knew I needed another item so it won't work now

[Post New]by Lyndaisme on May 9, 14 3:03 PM
In the police station, I got the net gun and loaded it and tried to disable the guard. The net gun would not fire. It just went back into inventory. I went further in the game and found that I needed the vision visor. I picked that up and tried to go back and fire net gun. When I picked up the loaded net gun and tried to pull the hammer back and fire along with getting the vision visor., it would just go back in inventory and not pull the hammer back and fire. Is there anyway I can get the loaded net gun to pull the hammer back so I can disable the guard. I know I did it the first time out of order because I didn't yet have the vision visor but I can't figure out anyway to get the gun hammer pulled back so I can fire it. Please help.

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