I think I hit a glitch in the Museum

[Post New]by DixieLG on May 10, 14 7:44 PM
I think this is a glitch in the game instead of something I need help with.

I'm in the Night at the Museum section. I just collected the last of the tiles to fix the mosaic, but decided to detour down the open hallway that appeared with the Sight instead of going straight over to complete the mosaic puzzle.

Once I got there, though, I was immediately confronted by the Huntsman and told to produce a magical something-or-other to prevent him from drowning us. Except I don't HAVE a magical something-or-other - I think I was supposed to get that at the mosaic. But because of the barrier I can't duck out of the room to get it.

I've tried every single thing in my inventory, I've clicked every inch of the screen, nada. At this point it looks like I have to just completely start over, just so I can go back about 2 minutes worth of game play and do things in a different order.


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