Need help with Supremo Level 6 Bonus Please!

[Post New]by WiccanWoman530 on May 11, 14 3:36 PM
I can't finish the game, because the bonus on this level makes no sense.
It says:
"Fill your Geek-O-Meter with a Multiplier piece"

It's the last level with him, and the only "Bonus" I don't have to unlock that achievement/section. I have tried using just one Multiplier piece to fill a set and won, no bonus awarded. Used a Multiplier to fill my last set and won, no bonus awarded. It's almost impossible to use ONLY Multiplier pieces.. and of that is the answer (OMG I hope not, because I've tried sooooooo many times, and lose.). Do the "star" pieces that fill an set no matter how many you have count? I've tried to use all for the set, but had to use them, won, no bonus awarded. OMG this Bonus it making me batty!

I've loved this game (any turn based appeals to my old school RPG Player mind) and every "joke" made me LOL especially the 1st geek.. "It's all coming up 20's baby! To you point and click players, not in the know. In other words a "critical hit". (paraphrasing) LMBO! But the Bonuses could have been explained a lot better. Even I'm lost, and played these type of games for years.

Anyone passed this with the Bonus awarded? If so, How did you earn it? Or is it a bug?

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