Main Character swap in game, Developers.. anyone know why?

[Post New]by WiccanWoman530 on May 11, 14 3:48 PM
Looking at other sites, the game is played as the guy. In my game, I start as the female collector, remain the female throughout game play.. but in the story it turns me into the male after the 1st geek is beat.

Something is not right with this... I know BBB is busy with My Singing Monsters, but how about some answers to this game please!

Anyone else experience this or any other type of main player being changed male/female? Or, anyone played the game from another site and is it different than the BFG version?

I'd prefer to see the female's story. The males was really lame IMHO. Before I saw him as the player (in game) on another site, and reached "the end" (without finishing all Bonuses yet that is) I thought he was some kind of shark I was going to have to compere against for my prized collectible/ He kinda comes off as a egotistical snobby.. err "mule" LOL!

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