Question about the ending (SPOILERS!) Player's and Developer's info needed!

[Post New]by WiccanWoman530 on May 11, 14 4:12 PM
I've beaten all the geeks, but not got all the bonuses yet.

My game ended with the Male's story (As in my other post I did play as the female through out the game, and my story began as the female's story. But only had the Male story after the 1st Geek was beaten.) where he finally goes to get the "big" collectible (that controller thingy my Lupus Fog has me forgetting what it was called) only to have (highlight for ending) "The Show is Closed, See you Next Year" pop-up, and he screams for his Mommy lol. is that the ONLY ending?

Does the story end there? Is there more to the story if you get all the Bonuses, or is it just a Trophy/Achievement award thing to get them? If there is more or other stories to the game, please type in white, as not to give too much of a spoiler.. I may need to read it if I can't earn the Supremo Level 6 Bonus.

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