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Secret Room in Bonus Section - Help!

[Post New]by PaulaSan on May 14, 14 8:06 AM

Was wondering if anyone has finished the gameplay in the Secret Room (part of the bonus extras)?

I have completed finding the medallions (or objects) needed for the first two victims, but then the illusionist will not open up any new portals. I noticed a 'reset' button for that room.... thought maybe there was a specific order to follow and I just ran into a dead end or something... so 'reset'....but the portals that the illusionist opened were the same two as the first time I tried to play. Am I missing something I need to find to activate the illusionist for more portals?

Am hoping someone who has completed this gameplay can tell me how this room worked for them... at least let me know it's doable and not a 'glitch' in the program. There is no help in the Strategy Guide.

Have really enjoyed this game and would really like to complete this room!

Thanks for any help on this issue....

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Re:Secret Room in Bonus Section - Help!

[Post New]by seaside2 on Jul 6, 14 5:57 AM
Having the same problem. Hope someone reads your question. I will continue reading relevant blogs. Thanks for bringing it up, PaulaSan.

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