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Finally Finished but.....

[Post New]by Wenchy on Mar 25, 09 2:49 AM
Well, I finally finished this infernal game over the weekend. I got like 2 gold stars the whole game. Some levels I had to play repeatedly until I wanted to throw the puter out the window. Actually I scrapped the game at one point and redownloaded it. Now the problem is...... VERY dissapointed in the end. Nothing happened. The house came up empty and the timer thing went around and that was that. So as a glutton for punishment I started a new game and now everything in the store just says sold out. veryyyyyyyy dissapointing. It does give me stuff occasionally but still a bummer to look at all the inventory 'sold out' even worse than looking at it all locked up and unavailable. sigh.... Oh..... and if anyone is wondering why I continue to torture myself with this game ........ its because nothing else has come out that I'm remotely interested in. Waiting on a "good" TM game.


Re:Finally Finished but.....

[Post New]by cookiepatti on Jan 24, 10 7:53 PM
You have to start over as a new player to buy anything in the store again. Otherwise you already have all the upgrades.

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