Too many unanswered questions

[Post New]by Sentoyson on May 20, 14 11:32 AM

Am I the only one who played this game and was like 'huh'? There were so many interesting snippets that could have placed a whole new spin on this game or revealed the origins of the dimensions that weren't answered.

1) Gilbert, in his letter, stated he knew a secret about Selina... what secret?

2) It was inferred that Selina blamed Gilbert for something.... not putting out the fire, not being quick enough to save any children... what?

3) How was it that Selina's behavior went unnoticed until Gilbert's letter?

4) What happened to and where was Gilbert during and after his possession?

5) How was it that Elijah's great-great grandfather found information about that ritual as a child; is that the secret that Gilbert was talking about- a history of witchcraft?

6) If the ritual was supposed to kill one and bring the other back, how is it that Elijah and Lydia are both alive? Is it really Elijah or his great-great grandfather reborn to be with the descendant of his friend.

7) How will Elijah's reappearance be breached, did the dimension take Gilbert instead?

8) Did the fire start because Selina rejected the disguised demon or did he influence her to open the dimension after the fire from her grief?

9) If this is the same influence from previous games, noted with flashbacks, journal entries and comments, why didnt it do more than just handcuff her to the car?

Too many unanswered questions...

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