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Any new features?

[Post New]by Pangaeus on May 22, 14 3:26 PM
Based on the reviews I read, it seems like the only new aspects to this edition is the houses and castle look slightly different and there is an untimed version. I really enjoyed there being a new gimick with all the previous versions, like the circus, the elephant, the cloud island shutes- is there anything original in this one?

Royal Envoy is my favorite TM game but I was sort of hoping there would be something original about this version other than updated houses. For people who have gotten to the higher levels- is there?

Many thanks!

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Re:Any new features?

[Post New]by govegril on May 22, 14 8:40 PM
Hi Pangeus
Have you played RE Campaign for the Crown?

CFC had loads of new features, like the blue elephants, the druids, those holes you jump through to get to another destination etc....

RE3 is pretty much the same stuff from CFC just a bit more challenging

Still loads of fun

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Re:Any new features?

[Post New]by angelfish106 on May 23, 14 2:36 AM
There are some new features which I didn't mention in my review for fear of spoiling the game for others!

But I will just say that when you get to the carnival level those balloons are a nightmare

As govegril says, much like RE: CFTC but more challenging

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Re:Any new features?

[Post New]by redrosesdz on May 24, 14 4:40 AM
I can't remember if this was a feature in RE Campaign for the Crown, but it is different than RE1 & RE2...

Adding a garden increases the rent, just like upgrading.

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