Cannot access the Recreation Room

[Post New]by chibbi_ti on May 23, 14 4:38 AM

When I click to enter the recreation room the screen dims to dark but nothing happens. Then when I click again it returns back to normal but I can't exit the bedroom.

If it is a bug (which I think it is) is there any way to fix it???

All games I play with these creators always bug up on me!


Re:Cannot access the Recreation Room

[Post New]by nerdowl on Sep 11, 14 10:48 AM
This is happening to me too and I have the Physical Disc (the one released direct by Mastertronic so it isn't just an issue with the big fish version). On a Macbook Pro using Yosemetie beta. :-/

Did you ever find a solution? If not I'll have to try it on my windows netbook. Shame because I was getting really into this one.

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