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Statuettes and navigation device

[Post New]by Meandy40 on May 23, 14 6:00 AM
I am totally lost and cannot figure out what is going on. I had started this game at one point and then got busy with other things. Now I have a little bit of time but I just don't understand. I am in Ms. Thomas' house and Fiona tells me to investigate the navigation device but it needs repaired. I have one statuette but need two more and I simply cannot figure out where to find these. I can't go back anywhere other than to the street and the only other moves take me right back up to the attic.


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Re:Statuettes and navigation device

[Post New]by obie1one on Jun 20, 14 3:39 PM
Open the desk (you have to find 2 handles)
Do the book puzzle on the table (find the marble to start it)
Open the mail box with the ruler.

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