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Deep Quest - Technical Issue with mouse reaction

[Post New]by sabinesa on May 25, 14 8:48 AM
I know this is a very old game, but it looks neat enough and I was looking for a Landgrabbers look/feel type game.
Anyway, I've got a fancy smancy new laptop and the mouse in this game reacts so sluggishly that it's unplayable. I have changed the mouse sensitivity in options, but no go. I want to build and train, but cannot get the mouse to react decently at all. I move it a bit to the side to highlight one of the workers and it takes 40 seconds before that move executes by which time I have already tried other moves and it all becomes staggered.

Any idea? I am using an MS1000 wireless USB mouse, Win7.


PS. I only bought this game a couple of weeks ago and hope that wasn't a waste as I cannot play it on my new laptop.

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