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No Updates for PC Game

[Post New]by christina1533 on May 25, 14 7:49 PM
Hey all!

I just wanted to let you all know that I saw a post from May 20 on the Design This Home FB page that had replies from the game developers, in which they state that they have no plans in the "near future" to work on an update for the PC version of Design This Home. Instead, they're working on a new game.

So, if you're still playing the game to save up money for the new furniture items/homes/residents that you think will be coming in an can stop. There won't be an update.

I'm more than a little bummed. This is actually a fun game, and I don't want to play it on my Android. Boo. Oh well. Onto better things, I guess.

Happy Gaming!

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Re:No Updates for PC Game

[Post New]by Kaleygh on Aug 11, 14 7:35 PM
It's a shame they aren't updating this game. I love it, and there is no other game available like it for anyone who loves to decorate. They just need to tweek it a little so more people will play. I've purchased quite a bit of gold, but it seems they don't give you much for accomplishments in this game; so maybe a few more here and there would help. Also, purchasing silver is pretty expensive. $5m for $50, and I'm at a level that it takes $32m to build a home. If you're broke in the game, that would mean that the house cost would require $350 real money to build. Anyhow, with a few minor adjustments, this could be a game a lot more people play. I for one still wish for an update with new items.

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