Diner Level 1 Objective 3

[Post New]by meharie on May 26, 14 6:05 AM
Any tips on how to beat the objective? I only ever get two customers at one time. I waited the whole level to see if three popped up but nope so any ideas?


Re:Diner Level 1 Objective 3

[Post New]by linobear on May 26, 14 11:20 PM
I had the same problem with this level, too. I always waited for three customers to get the combo, and there are always two. However, you can get the combo if you have two customers wanting the same double dish. I'm afraid you will have to give it a few tries before you complete it, that's how I got this one. Hope it helps you. Good luck.


Re:Diner Level 1 Objective 3

[Post New]by meharie on May 28, 14 3:15 AM
Ah so it's one of THOSE levels. Ugh, looks like a lot of retires for me lol.


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Re:Diner Level 1 Objective 3

[Post New]by erin74 on May 29, 14 11:13 PM
Took me ages, but I did finally get this one.

Look for a pair straight up - you usually have to wait til the coffee is brewed. Then have the third ready to go for as soon as the first has finished. The aim is to get it to the third person before the second disappears - I think that's when it doesn't count.

Then try to do it again.

It took me a lot of retries. I basically start again if I don't get a match first up.

If one person has a combo, do the dish first that is not part of the pair. Then do the other dish once the first has arrived. I think it's about when the dishes arrive at the customers - and that it happens within a close timeframe.

Good luck!

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