can't take 694 after get it

[Post New]by stampincamper on May 30, 14 7:46 AM
I messed up on the colors and there's no reset so I had to skip the puzzle. The film developed and came up 694. I tried to take it but it wouldn't go in diary. When I got to safe and put in ring it told me I didn't know the code and wouldn't let me put 694 in. Went back to tent and still couldn't get 694 into diary. So I can't go any further in game. Any suggestions?


Re:can't take 694 after get it

[Post New]by WenchCuz on May 30, 14 7:14 PM
I didn't skip the puzzle but I can't get the film either.

Update: I went back to the safe again just because I like to torture myself and this time, even though I didn't have either the film or the info in my journal, it let me open the safe. Go figure. Maybe you just have to keep trying until the game god is finished laughing at you.
Good luck.

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