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Veteran's Stripe not found

[Post New]by katy12250 on May 31, 14 6:57 AM
I'm level 23 and have a quest from the bard. I go to the Chained Eagle which has 2 items that are required. One is the Veteran's Strip. If I click on FIND, I'm taken to the Chained Chest. After several days of trying to get this item, I looked at the "I" information about the items found in the chest. The Veteran's Stipe isn't listed. The only items listed as availabale in the Chained Chest are Symbol of Unholy Fire, Unshakeable Stronghold, & Winged Guard.

I've checked all the other locations thinking that the Veteran's Strip was somewhere else, but I can't find it.

Are there items available in the Chained CChest that are listed in the information list?

Is this a bug in the program or am I just missing something?

Since I'm stuck unltil I can complete that bard's quest, any help would be appreciated.

(And, yes, I know that I've found the Veteran's Strip before since I looked through the forum and it's listed on some quests on earlier levels. It just seems to have disappeared in my current version.)

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Re:Veteran's Stripe not found

[Post New]by govegril on May 31, 14 6:59 AM
Hi Katy!

the Veteran's stripe is the 4th and last item in the chained chest.

If you click on the down arrow, you should find it at the bottom there.

If it is not there after clicking the down arrow then you do indeed have a problem.

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Re:Veteran's Stripe not found

[Post New]by Amerzone on May 31, 14 9:01 AM
I'm concerned as to why you can not get this item.

Do this then let us know if it worked for you:

Click on the bard's avatar and then click on the quest.

You will be taken to the chained eagle. Do not click away from the chained eagle to get any flowers. If you do you need to start over at the bard.

At the chained eagle (by following the bard quest) click on Find for the Veteran's Stripe.

You are now at the Chained Chest. Again, do NOT click away from the chest. You will need two grasping handles, two wreaths and something else. If you need any of these go ahead and click on Find. Play the HOS and you will get your item.

Once you have all items for the chained chest go back to the bard and follow the whole find path back to the chest. Do NOT go to the chest and try to open it without following the entire find path from the bard. You will not get what you want.

Does this make sense? Hope it does. Let us know what happens.

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