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[Post New]by smelde on Mar 26, 09 1:58 PM
I may be very "slow" but I don't understand how to use the power ups and how to read the meters in the left and right lower corners.
The opponent uses power ups and talisman but the effect is so fast I can't analyse how the opponent has done it.
Please help...

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[Post New]by gojojogo on Mar 27, 09 5:52 AM
At first sight it is all very confusing and as you say the computers go is so quick you don't learn anything!

On the left you have the coloured columns. You fill these by matching gems in the game of the corresponding colours. So, match 3 red gems and you will see the red bar go up and the number 3 appear below the column.
Underneath that you have the 'special powers'. Each ship has different powers, you choose the one to suit the fight you are fighting (doesn't really matter, choose one with the extra powers you like). also between levels once you have defeated certain enemies you can select new powers. If you move your cursor over these they will tell you what they do, for example shoot a fire bomb or the really confusing one which uses the enemies weapons against themselves, they shoot at you but the damage is done on their ship.
To the left of each of these powers it tells you how many of which gems you need to use. If you do not have enough gems to use that power/weapon then the figures remain feint. As soon as the numbers are clear it means you have gathered enough gems and can use that power. Just click on the power icon and the power/weapon will be used. Please note that most of them will use up one of your 3 turns.

I hope this goes some way to making it clearer, once you have the concept it all becomes a lot easier

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Re:power ups

[Post New]by LYNNEWHITNEY on Jan 19, 11 8:45 PM
... also between levels once you have defeated certain enemies you can select new powers.

I understand what you are saying but I don't see that option after "VICTORY" and I have won a battle (or whatever). eXAMPLE - The pirate ships have powerups like "weakness" where they steal ALL my gems / coins / colored whatevers and "FAILURE" but I never get those powerups. How come?

ALSO --- I match those wheels and my ship moves away from the pirates - so I'm told - but then they can HIT me and I cannot HIT them anymore. .. how do I move closer to them so I can hit them??

Bottom line - where can I find a "HELP" area for this game - there is none in the game - like what to do when, what the icons mean etc ....

More help?

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