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Insider Tales glitch (one more time)

[Post New]by pegsand on Mar 26, 09 2:04 PM
icoffbaby--------or whoever can help.

Went through all the steps to contact customer service about the patch, only to get a message that it couldn't be sent because "recipient was rejecte by server" whatever THAT means.

Can anyone helpd??????

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Re:Insider Tales glitch (one more time)

[Post New]by tazmann423 on Mar 26, 09 4:10 PM

Have you updated your graphic card driver to the newest version? Doing this seems to correct the glitches in the game.

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Re:Insider Tales glitch (one more time)

[Post New]by bribling on Mar 26, 09 4:37 PM
I have had trouble here all day today. I have had to repost, refresh, reboot, etc. I don't know if the problem is at BFG or on my computer but it seems like every time I try to do something I get a mesage "Big Fish Games Server Cannot Be Found"

It's not just here though, I have had that happen on other sites which makes me suspect my computer

I have heard that they are working on a "FIX" for this game so maybe there will be an update soon.

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