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Is The Ending Conclusive?

[Post New]by catbag8717 on May 31, 14 5:11 PM
I was thinking about buying the SE, but then, on my "CE or SE" forum post, I got this reply.

j62janet wrote:the one thing I don't like is, when you buy the C/E you complete the story, in the S/E you don't, which I think is unfair, not everyone can afford £10.80, I wish the story was completed no matter which edition you buy

So, does that mean that I have to buy the CE to get the complete ending?

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Re:Is The Ending Conclusive?

[Post New]by Fifiluna614 on Jun 5, 14 2:36 PM
No, the ending of the SE is not conclusive. Your quest to save the mother is complete, but Princess makes a wish at the end and you do not see whether or not it comes true. However, I felt satisfied with the ending and didn't feel cheated at all, so I definitely recommend the SE version.

In fact, I thought this game was far superior to the previous Royal Detective game. With the interactive map and the helpful hint button, I was never at a loss to know where to go and what to do next.

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