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treasure chests

[Post New]by jude_todd on Jun 2, 14 12:14 PM
Does anyone know how to find these ?

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Re:treasure chests

[Post New]by KittChaos on Jun 2, 14 12:24 PM
There are two types of treasure chests. You get a treasure chest when you complete a Gnome Quest (these chests do not count toward the achievements).

The second type of treasure chest is brought by pets. When you have enough food to send a pet out, the pet will return with a chest for you. These chests range from wood up to gold -- and these are the chests that count toward the achievement.

(A bit more information, if needed)
If you don't have pets yet, never fear! You get the first one automatically when you reach level 8 (I think that's the level, I don't recall exactly) and you can gain new pets by winning Pet Eggs from the Wheel of Fortune, completing some of the achievements, or if a friend sends one as a gift. Once you have the egg, you can 'craft' the pet if you have the other items and enough gold for the crafting. There's a tab in the crafting menu that has a paw print on it, click on that, and you can see what you need to craft each pet.

Good luck!


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