Level 21

[Post New]by dwlorette on Jun 3, 14 4:48 AM
So far I have three stars on every level. I'm stumped here though. Any clues how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.


Re:Level 21

[Post New]by papillon116 on Jun 18, 14 5:18 AM
This is how I have just managed it - in relaxed mode.
Get second worker
Build chamber after gathering sufficient wood.
get enough wood to build fires leading to upper level on right.
Build a sawmill and keep buying wood until you have stacks.
build bridge from there and build vege garden.
Get third worker
Keep getting these two lots of produce as you gather water and money.
then start on left hand side, but as you need stone to build the bridges I actually demolished the sawmill and built a quarry.
I shall let you continue from there as to what you place on the buildup areas.

I am sure there is a more efficient method, but I just wanted to get out of there.

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