Elusive Object in tunnel/maze

[Post New]by Titi_Comby on Jun 3, 14 9:07 AM
Hello everyone, I need help. I'm trying to get all achievements for the game and I keep looking for one elusive object that I can't find. I've noticed that the bottle in which they go once you've found one a the bottom of the screen near kitty cat, flashes a red cross if there's one to find in a specific place. That's where I'm stuck. I'm in the tunnel/maze that you navigate thanks to the paper with the runes you found earlier. It says there's suppose to be one elusive object there, but I don't see it? Anybody saw it already?
Thanks for your help

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Sea Anemone
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Re:Elusive Object in tunnel/maze

[Post New]by ttt78 on Aug 20, 14 6:02 PM
OK if you still need this. When you are at the beginning of the tunnel/maze. raise the light to the symbol that looks like a U. just below it the beam is where the elvsive item can be found. Bear paw.


Re:Elusive Object in tunnel/maze

[Post New]by Sassy_2015 on Nov 24, 14 11:20 AM
i can not find the one at the end of the book the one where the 2 girls are together. it looks like a hand but not sure.

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