A few tips&tricks from the developer :)

[Post New]by Extremalex on Jun 6, 14 6:06 AM
Hi, fishies!

Thank you very much for your feedbacks, with your help we can better understand about strengths and weaknesses of our game, and how we can to improve the game.

We already understood that the game came out quite difficult, therefore from our side we can give some tips on how to simplify the gameplay.

Often, if you're just collecting books (i.e. dices) - these books will go to customers because customer's order is formed of those books that are available for the taking (often, but not always). Thus indirectly customer orders can be used as a hint - very likely they want a pair of those books that you can collect immediately.

Thus at the final part of the playing at level (when remains the less amount of books) almost all of them are fly to customers, that's why at the end of the level an amount of satisfied customers will be more than at the start of the level.

For the same reason you need to more often to use the books collector at the bottom of the screen - there are collected only those books that are presents on the level, and that will sooner or later can be ordered by customers.

Hopefully, these tips will help you when you get into a difficult situation.

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Re:A few tips&tricks from the developer :)

[Post New]by hellfern on Jun 21, 14 9:37 AM
Tried all this. Still can't get passed Level 9. Please upsate!


Re:A few tips&tricks from the developer :)

[Post New]by canvas_chick on Jul 13, 14 2:12 PM
how in the world do you get past level 16. preferable if you would explain very plan and simple. I tried to understand one of your answers and forget it. plan English would be nice.
thank you,
linda (canvas_chick)

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