This game is a blast!

[Post New]by Blooming_Lilac on Jun 6, 14 8:23 AM
I demoed this game a long time ago, but I decided not to buy it because I thought the cursor was a little "clunky" (Having to hold down the mouse button for my clicks to register made me a little reluctant, plus some of the sound effects were a bit annoying). For example, while I was in the cave, it seemed as if I had to click very hard or click twice in rapid succession for my actions to register. I'm still noticing the clunky cursor, but I have a lot more experience with TM games now, so it's not too bad. My Fibromyalgia starts bothering me if I sit and play for hours. Other than that, I am loving it! I've just finished chapter 4 and I still have half the map (or more) to go. I got the first one, too.

Wish they'd release Youda Survivor 3! Has anyone heard if there's one in the works?

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