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swimming in the pool versus playing in the pool

[Post New]by kit1717 on Jun 10, 14 9:12 PM
I noticed there are two different phrases used for someone using the pool.

From what I can tell, "swimming in the pool" is just like all other exercise type activities (such as working out, exercising outdoors, walking on the treadmill, short workout, running on the treadmill, and so on). All exercise type activities help maintain the health of the individual, so they live longer and have fewer illnesses.

The "playing in the pool" mode, on the other hand, will gradually increase the energy level of an individual. It seems to work like this: Select someone who is low in energy. Keep picking that individual up and putting them in the pool over and over again until you get the "playing in the pool" message. Praise them with the green glove. Then leave them alone! If you leave the person "playing in the pool" for a long time and do nothing that will draw them out of the pool (such as call them to dinner or use one of the movies that brings everyone to watch TV or drop someone else on them, etc.), then they will gradually increase in energy level.

--This seems to work best if the person has a low energy level when they are first put into the "playing in the pool" mode.
--Moms with babies run away from the pool, so this will work only after the mom no longer has the baby with her.
--Since it takes a relatively long time (longer than any other activity) and the energy returns slowly, it is easy to do things that call the person away from the pool, which stops the process.
--The higher the person's energy level, the harder it is to get them to stay in the pool, so try to put them in there when their energy level is low and then refrain from doing anything that will disturb them or draw them out of the pool until their energy level is high again.

Anyway, just thought I would pass on what had I discovered in regard to the pool, since there seems to be a lot of discussion about ways of increasing an individual's energy level.

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