Treasure Seekers 3 for iPad

[Post New]by melipeters on Jun 15, 14 6:42 AM
I tried contacting G5, the company who sells this game on the iTunes App Store, and they didn't say anything except basically "thanks for your inquiry". I'm in the Egypt chapter, and stuck at the offerings for Anubis. I have all four offerings, but every time I try to place the offerings, I just get the same pop-up speech box from Nelly about giving offerings to Anubis. The only offering I've been able to place is the gold. I know which offerings go in which hole because I looked it up in the walkthrough. It's as if the game doesn't recognize that I'm placing them in the correct spots. I noticed in other scenes that the game was very particular about where you tapped, but I've tapped just about everywhere in the offering scene now. Any help, please? I can't get any further in the game...and I love these games!

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