Here's why

[Post New]by pondprowler on Jun 15, 14 4:20 PM
Sorry to start another OT thread, but after this mornings attacks maybe it would help ~some~ people to know why I started doing this.

I'm trhying to be helpful in the only way I know how. I don't feel good writing reviews cause I do'nt talk as good as other people who are way good at writing reviews so I can't help out that way.
I can't realy help out with tech issues cause I'm not so good with computers as BFGs experts is.

My dad always told me as a kid growing up that I was never any kind of help even though I did the dishes after dinner, mowed the yard and all kind of other stuff. You know what he told me everyday all my kid life? "Your good for two things. Good for nothing and no damm good" and then he would tell me that he was sorry he gave my mom the baby "she wanted" (and he didn't want.). True story.

Sorry I make some people SO unhappy by only trying to help. You would'nt beleive the PMs I've gotten telling me to knock it off already. And then today. That was not nice and it hurt. I'm not an it.

But I've also gotten nice PMs, too! And just because it shows a date for "first dip in the pond" that's not the date since I've been lurking here! Its only the date of my first POST!! I was lurking for a couple years while CCC was still here and I remember all the nice fishies. In fact I got a VERY nice PM last week from one fishie who you all know and who has been here for a loooooooong time and who's mom was here before her!. That made me feel SO good! Thank you again for taking the time to be NICE! And thanks to the other's who PM'd me nice things, too!

Sorry to get so wordy but maybe if I tell my story, some ~people~ will leave me alone and stop picking on me for only trying to help. All I want to do is HELP.



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[Post New]by Jade1953 on Jun 15, 14 7:22 PM
Dear PP,
I want you to know I support you in your tasks in helping all us "fishies" . I appreciate what you do; in fact, when I go to the forum sites, I really appreciate someone else has done the start of a thread so I don't have to ! It took me a few months to even have the courage to do a review.

Please know not everyone is as offensive or insensitive as others. I find the negative comments appalling and most distasteful. This is supposed to be FUN people - let's do that instead of being hurtful. It takes no effort to be nice to others.

PP - you are a survivor and I admire what you have overcome. Keep up the good work !

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Re:Here's why

[Post New]by Delta77 on Jun 15, 14 7:42 PM
Keep up the good work!

It amazes me how some people don't have anything better to do than attack other people. I guess they never heard that if you can't say anything nice, say nothing.

I am also referring to when people have attacked reviewers in the past because they didn't like their style of writing or the length of their reviews. If I don't like a reviewer or their style or the length of the review, I don't read that review. I don't attack the reviewer because even if I don't like them there may be some people who like that reviewer. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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[Post New]by RaceCat3 on Jun 15, 14 10:29 PM
I appreciate what you do here! Hugs to you, pondprowler!

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Re:Here's why

[Post New]by Tiger2010 on Jun 16, 14 12:39 AM
Listen sweetie,

I know we have never 'spoken' and don't know each other, but don't ever do yourself down. As I've said (before it all got removed) you are right there to start threads when the moderators these days take a long time to start the threads because their number is now only a few. If they objected to it, I'm sure you would have heard about it by now.

Don't you dare let some ignorant person bring you down. As long as you enjoy doing it, you go right ahead. I know we can all start threads, but by the time the Mods do their threads most people have already done the demo or have tech problems and want to comment. If there were no designated threads then everyone would post all over the place and it would be chaos - more work for the Mods. I'm sure they know and appreciate this.

I'm really sorry about how your dad treated you. That's inexcusable. You are your own person now, though, and you are valued here by a lot of people. All you need to do is to believe it. Ok?

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Re:Here's why

[Post New]by MissAbby on Jun 16, 14 8:32 AM
Dear sweet Pondprowler..Thank You!

Tiger said it so well and I just want to add my thanks and good wishes to you. You are doing a wonderful job and are a great help to everyone here. You ARE valued and appreciated!!

Keep up the wonderful work, and remember that as Tiger said "You are your own person now.." You lived through a terrible childhood and came out a loving, caring wonderfully valuable human being! Good for you sweetie!

Thank you so much dear "PP"! Hang in there!

Love and Peace and lots of HUGS!

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Re:Here's why

[Post New]by robbinrn on Jun 16, 14 10:37 AM
Keep up the good work PP!

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Re:Here's why

[Post New]by iamshiva on Jun 16, 14 11:27 AM
I echo all the previous poisitive posts. You've come through alot & you are a suvivor. keep up your good work!

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Re:Here's why

[Post New]by lauriedoss on Jun 18, 14 12:15 PM
PP, thanks so much for starting these threads. I understand why BF does not staff their offices or have automated forum postings after midnight their time. It is nice though to read the opinions of people around the world that may be up and playing the game, it gives me a hint as to whether I want to stay up to play it or go to bed. What you are posting is in no way derogatory or inflammatory, and if someone doesn't want to read it they don't have to click on it. There is no reason for you to stop, and lots of reasons for you to continue. Count me two fins up for you, and thank you!!


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[Post New]by pondprowler on Jun 19, 14 12:39 AM
Thanks everybody for your kind posts! I got SO many nice PM's, too! I will try to answer all the PM's but its going to take me some time so please be patient and know that I ~realy~ appreciete all the support from everybody!

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Re:Here's why

[Post New]by elijah5 on Jun 19, 14 11:58 AM
Hi PP,

I've been on this game site a very very long time. I appreciate the fact that you take the time to make sure all of us "Fishies" have a place to post.

I do know what you are talking about when it comes to some people being just plain rude, obnoxious and critical. The way I look at, those people are so miserable in there own lives that they want others (no matter who) to be more miserable than them. This makes them feel empowered over others.

You keep on doing what you have been doing, Don't Let the "Ugly" Steal Your Joy!!

Be Proud of where you have been and what you have become: A Beautiful Person!!

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Re:Here's why

[Post New]by ledheadmelli on Sep 24, 14 9:44 PM
WOW! I haven't spent much time in the forums lately, but I remember what a nice, comfortable place it used to be. One of the few forums where I didn't have to see attacks on others or a thread degrading into some stupid political agenda.

I don't know how, why or who has taken it upon themselves to be judge and jury of what others say, but it is not cool - at all!

Personally, I don't know what I'd do without all the helpful reviews that others take the time to post. Even some of the shorter, more generic reviews often contain a little gem that helps me decide whether to spend a credit on a game. If the review isn't that helpful, I just move on to the next. But I appreciate ALL of them, as well as the time spent by the reviewers.

PP, I am truly sad to hear about your childhood, and even sadder to hear that there are fishies here that emulate such negative and nasty behavior as your father. Shame on them for polluting this lovely pond!

I know it is easier said than done, but I do hope you will realize that most of the fishies are charming and kind, and not let a few bad apples prevent you from providing honest reviews and making comments. Perhaps those of us who count on those reviews should have been more vocal in our appreciation so we could drown out the mean-spiritedness of others. I apologize right now to all reviewers for not acknowledging their efforts enough, and I vow to speak up more often.

BIG to all the fishies in this pond and especially to those who take time to answer questions, offer advice, review games and make this world a little brighter. YOU ROCK!!!!!

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