Amber Locked DNA Quest

[Post New]by Sydoebe on Jun 16, 14 8:42 AM
This is my 3rd quest to do before I get my first pet. I am level 24 and have 320 energy. I spent over 500 energy this morning with combos from my garden and purchases and I only got 1 of the 20 required DNA pieces for this quest. Now, I know I can purchase a pet with bucks but I'd rather not spend my bucks on making a quest advance faster or make a purchase for an item I can quest for.

My question is: Has anyone else experienced this quest and will it really take over 2 weeks to finish it? Usually I can finish up a quest in one or two days, but getting only 1 quest item per play session is a bit ridiculous. Anyone have any other suggestions besides just paying RL cash for a pet?

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Re:Amber Locked DNA Quest

[Post New]by HatesTimers on Jun 16, 14 12:34 PM
The amber locked DNA quest shouldn't take all that long. Every now and then this thing should pop up in the whacking area, and you need to whack it to get the DNA. Note that quick whack and mana whack won't hit it, you have to click on it. After whacking the thing, another will pop up after a certain amount of energy worth of whacking is done.


Re:Amber Locked DNA Quest

[Post New]by Sydoebe on Jun 16, 14 2:40 PM
Thank you so much, Hates Timers!

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