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[Post New]by roxanne4708 on Jun 16, 14 4:45 PM
It is now Monday 6/16/2014 6:40 pm and all of what I have accumulated and collected is still missing since 12:00 am 6/14/2014. I do not want to start over and that's all that comes up. I still had one more thing to find on the scavenger hunt and I know exactly where it is too, time is about to run out and so far nothing has been corrected. Is the scavenger hunt going to be extended if the problem isn't fixed before it's over? Isn't anybody going to tell us anything? What caused this problem? This is real frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We deserve answers because a lot of us have time and money rapped up in this game!

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[Post New]by toomuchsht on Jun 16, 14 4:56 PM
Check to make sure you are connected to Face Book (see other threads with this same problem)


Back to the beginning

[Post New]by alloveragain on Jun 16, 14 5:05 PM
SO sorry to hear about your manor.
Mine's been gone 3 days, too.
Couldn't even get onto the forum safely without starting a new manor on a different email.
I'm not sure that this hasn't made the situation unrecoverable, but "there it is".
I DO hope that you get your manor back (me, too).
The previous comment about Facebook is important. I found that my Facebook connection was gone, so I put it back on.
It hasn't helped yet, but who knows.
Hang in there.
alloveragain (formerly Angelic Avenue)

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Re:Back to the beginning

[Post New]by moosetracker on Jun 16, 14 7:03 PM
The following I have posted in several threads about the same topic, and it has helped a lot of people.. So here it is again :

If you were on facebook you may have become disconnected from facebook for some reason.. That would have you starting a new game from your computer harddrive, while you original game sits on your facebook.. So you would have to reconnect.. There is a wrong way to do this (don't know how, but several people overwrite their fb game with the new one that was started..) So if this is your problem, then here is one way I know you can safely reconnect to your manor.

When you open the game, before clicking "Enter", instead, look at the bottom of the screen. You'll see the Facebook icon and a button that says "Connect Now".

Click "Connect Now", and you'll have the option to enter your Facebook login information.

Once that's done, it'll tell you that Facebook account is already associated with a user. Click "Yes" to link, it'll take you right back into your original game

If this is not your problem, then you may get other ideas from other people if you can describe what happen (either what your did, or the game did that was unusual) just before you lost your game.. or you can get help by creating a ticket for Customer Service, who will definitely help you out, and will be you only solution if you really truly lost your game, for they have it on their server, and have a way to retrieve it for you.

The trick is being able to give CS some original info on your manor so they can locate it from all the rest.. The very best piece of information is if you wrote down and saved your Dark Manor ID #.. It was in your options menu on the top left corner and started with DarkManor-####### where that number is unique to your game.. Second best is knowing your Manor name Exactly as spelled including caps and punctuation.. If you never changed the name from the default, then many manors out there may have the same name, so knowing your level (which you do) and some other info (how much gold or juju or silver you have) will also help.. Also let them know your facebook username.. I know they say they can look things up with this, but I am unsure if that is true once the game is overwritten..

Anyway to start your CS ticket : look at the bottom of the forum..

"Get Help" "Customer Support"

Then on the left side bar :

"Still need Help?" "Contact Us"

good luck.

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Sea Anemone
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Re:Back to the beginning

[Post New]by cabus on Jun 16, 14 7:49 PM
Sorry , sounds like you have more invested than I do, but I went down between 7 and 7:45pm. I, too, am very upset. Can't even tell you how many times I've been logged off in error. I have no advice, but I hope someone out there can do something to get everything back for you. I don't know what to do, I was at Level 46 and I sure don't want to keep starting over.
Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

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