Level 10

[Post New]by reader41 on Jun 18, 14 8:46 AM
Has anyone done this level yet? Need help please

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Re:Level 10

[Post New]by moondances on Jun 18, 14 11:32 AM
This is what I did:
Buy 5000 materials
Demo sawmill
Build & sell Manor (Yes, you will have to buy this back, but you need $ NOW)
Buy properties as they are available (I start with cabins/colonials-save higher priced
houses for last)
Demo each property & build manor
Build mansion as soon as you can (Highest rent)
When down to approx 1/3 time left, start clearing lots
Build mausoleum
Blue Ribbon!!!

I debated building a workshop to protect houses/efficiency training for workers, but I found I didn't need it
Good luck & happy building


Re:Level 10

[Post New]by reader41 on Jun 18, 14 9:04 PM
Thank you very much


Re:Level 10

[Post New]by MissSeaGal452 on Oct 3, 14 9:06 PM
Thank you Moondances. I think I tried this level about a million times and kept getting frustrated. I wasn't able to get speedy but at least I advanced to the next level.
Maybe next round!

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