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Locked out of level 38

[Post New]by Mw03 on Jun 20, 14 4:26 AM
I have completed the game up to end of level 37 and have the maximum number of gold stars for each level (ie.3) but it says I cannot continue onto next level until I have 115 gold stars. 37 x 3 = 111. Where do I get the extra 4 stars from to continue? Playing on iPad. No bonus levels are available either in menu or have popped up.


Re:Locked out of level 38

[Post New]by Brysgranny13 on Aug 3, 14 4:30 PM
Hello, the way to get more stars is to replay levels. I have found that level one is the best level to get more stars. Could you please tell me how to get three stars on level 34? I am at my whit's end. Hope this helps!!!!!!!


Re:Locked out of level 38

[Post New]by Aleho102 on Oct 9, 14 2:43 PM
Once that you have the 3 stars on each level, you can't get anymore, even by replaying levels. But what worked for me was: from level 37 keep playing through each next level, without using the map of levels, only using the next button. Doing this I skip the stars requirement. Hope that works for you! PS I'm also playing on Ipad

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