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Favorite Luxor Game so far?

[Post New]by APFamily on Jun 20, 14 12:53 PM
This one is my favorite, but I'm trying some of the older ones again now, too.

Which is your favorite?

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Re:Favorite Luxor Game so far?

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jun 20, 14 6:25 PM
Luxor Evolved is also my favorite in the series but I'm a child of the 80s so I'm probably biased.

The other games were all good in different aspects. It depends on what you're looking for-nice graphics, game variety, or challenge level. The first 2 Luxor games even with the original graphics are great and I love the humor in the background scenes, but I didn't find the gameplay particularly challenging after playing MPs for a while. Luxor 2's pretty to look at, but got crazy hard, at least to me. Luxor 3 has the most variety in games and nice graphics. I actually have never played Luxor Quest for the Afterlife ( ) so can't speak for that one. 5th Passage would have been a great game if it weren't so full of bugs.


Re:Favorite Luxor Game so far?

[Post New]by Lou_Gojira on Jun 25, 14 7:39 PM
Not only is Luxor Evolved my favorite Luxor game, but it's probably going to keep a permanent place on my all-time top 10 favorite games ever! I find myself constantly going back to it for more.

But sadly, this game has put an end to me buying any other marble popper games ever again. I've played many a marble popper and none of them can compete with this one, and I can't imagine any others even giving this one a run for it's money! So yes, I think I've found the ultimate marble popper in Luxor Evolved...but has **** ever said anything about making a sequel to it someday? I'm curious to see if they could improve on such a winning combination of gameplay, graphics, and excellent tunes.

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