Too Bad

[Post New]by LadyNightSilver on Jun 20, 14 9:55 PM
I was really enjoying the game till I noticed that "leveling up" my characters was useless. So instead I just keep their hp, mp, and lock pick numbers as high as possible. Near the end I got rid of all items except the megas and the full adrenaline, and the fights were too easy. The story line is a good one, very good in fact; and the characters are perfect. However I must say that the constant fighting (as annoying as it can be sometimes), and leveling up are the bread and butter of a RPG, it's back bone so to speak; and this especially true of this particular type of RPG, the old school ones that I loved so much. May I also add that being to obtain better weapons, armor, and new magic skills (especially those that can strike more than one opponent) were somewhat disappointing as well. I'm sorry to say in all these areas this game is seriously lacking. Unfortunately if there is a chapter 2, unless these parameters are changed drastically during the trial of the game, I will not be purchasing it.

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