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Reveries:Sisterly Love (for the love of the game, help!!!!

[Post New]by pepperlady on Jun 21, 14 6:56 AM
Can any fishies out there figure out what on earth we are supposed to do with the pile of sharp rocks upon which we don't want to shred our fingers? I have nothing helpful in my inventory and the hint only shows me the area of the rocks. Am I supposed to just know magically what to do here? Can I get a break?Please pass on any knowledge you have gleaned concerning this matter. I shall be most grateful. I might even say thank you!!! Just kidding, I truly will say thank you!

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Re:Reveries:Sisterly Love (for the love of the game, help!!!!

[Post New]by catbag8717 on Jun 23, 14 3:26 AM
Try going in to the walkthrough and pressing CTRL-F. From there, you can search "rocks" or something similar and you will find what you're looking for!

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