Purchasing this game during SUMMER promo code sale...OT.

[Post New]by sonicflood132 on Jun 21, 14 8:56 AM
So I'm pretty darn peeved, BFG. I've been a loyal game club member for a long time. Currently have quite a few credits stewing in my pot waiting for something new. This game is awesome, decided to use the credits on the collector's edition. Oh, there's a sale? SUMMER code takes money off? Great!


It takes of $6.00. Leaving $7.99 left over. Rendering my game credits absolutely USELESS.

If you are going to offer a sale like this, let the game club members take advantage of it as WELL. We're your most loyal customers and we get screwed every time there is a sale because we can't use credits we have already purchased? I find it very silly, BFG. This happens all the time.

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Re:Purchasing this game during SUMMER promo code sale...OT.

[Post New]by melmer1423 on Dec 1, 14 11:45 AM
I also wish that the game credits you earn from buying a game could be used for Collector's Editions, but, I can't. The same thing goes for the various specials that they have. I've come to the conclusion that they reason that is is for people to buy the games that have on special at the special price, and use the credits earned for something else. I mean, how else are they going to get your money?

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Re:Purchasing this game during SUMMER promo code sale...OT.

[Post New]by bfgVaiya on Dec 2, 14 2:09 PM
Hey there

I just wanted to pop in with a clarification. At this time, Game Club credits can only be used on games that haven't had a discount applied to them.

If a Collector's Edition has been discounted with a half off coupon, even if the remaining balance is $6.99, a credit will be unable to apply to the purchase. The system is unable to combine discounts, which is why the credits are unable to apply.

For more information on Game Club credits and how they work, please feel free to check out the help article below:

Using Game Club Credits

I hope this helps!


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