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Good Morning Award

[Post New]by 16paws on Jun 21, 14 5:29 PM
I know there are lots of tips re: playing PVZ, but here's one I discovered on my own. I decided to use "Scaredy Shrooms," mushrooms and coffee beans on Survival Day and was able to beat the level (you only need to beat the first level or survive the first flag on Survival Day to win the award.) Scaredy Shrooms are long-distance shooters, and since the zombies are the simple ones, without cones or buckets or screens or football helmets and come in slowly on this level, you have time to set up your scaredy shrooms and wake them up in time to kill the zombies. I never thought of using them before since they hide when zombies get close to them, but they're able to kill them at about the third or fourth square from the right.

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