Switching Modes?

[Post New]by SnappyBrat on Jun 22, 14 8:28 AM
I played the trial version of Cradle of Egypt in Relaxed mode. Now that I have purchased the game, I would like to play in timed mode. I checked the options menu and I even created a new profile to start a new game and still was not given the timed/relaxed option. Can anyone help, please?

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Re:Switching Modes?

[Post New]by SynthpopAddict on Jun 23, 14 5:24 PM
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You didn't say what platform you're playing the game on, so it may be different depending on what device and/or game version you have. I have the PC version from BFG and when I create a new profile and click the Adventure button to play a new game, the first thing that happens is it shows the screen where you click on either relaxed or timed. Once you have selected an option for that profile though, you can't toggle it. This is true even if you finish the game, because restarting Adventure mode will still keep you in timed or untimed depending on what you chose for that profile in the very beginning.

It could be possible that something went wrong with the game activation and uninstalling/reinstalling may fix the problem but I'm not sure.

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