level 30

[Post New]by dearmolly54 on Jun 22, 14 3:46 PM
I don't know if I just can't see the castle in the building tab or maybe I'm crazy??!!
Please help.


Re:level 30 - No castle selection

[Post New]by HomerLives on Jun 24, 14 6:35 PM
You're not crazy. I couldn't find a way to build a castle either. Even after all other goals were met, there was no designated location or icon to build a castle.

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Re:level 30

[Post New]by shimmerlace77 on Jun 24, 14 10:03 PM
just put the mouse on the top right corner of the screen and the outline of the castle will appear...bit tricky

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Re:level 30

[Post New]by Cromaxgal on Nov 6, 14 5:12 PM
Also, I found that you have to build 8 lighted houses to complete the level. So something's not quite right with this game.

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