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Similar to Ahriman's Prophecy?

[Post New]by tuskel on Jun 23, 14 3:47 AM
Has anyone played Ahriman's Prophecy here? (It's the prequel-Aveyond, freeware game, still available and works on Win8, so I imagine it has no problems on older OS)

Anyway, as I am broke and can't buy any games from here until next month, I downloaded it and started playing. The main character is Talia Maurva, the red-headed priestess you see in the begining of Aveyond 1. Well, the graphics are a bit 8-bit , inventory is clunky and fighting with any magic quite difficult... But I muddle along, and I think I might be about halfway through now...

Anyway, as I have been playing, I have noticed several similarities between Ahriman's Prophecy and Ean's Quest.
*The music is similar (you know, the "overworld" theme - yep, here it is!, some city themes are the same, too) - fine, predictable, as they have the same composer.
* It seems to take place around Thais as far as I can see at the moment, there is Candar again, the city of love, (you get to marry the original Ella to the Prince of Candar!) and not in the whole world (Eastern Empire, Aveyond, etc, like in Ave1)
* One of the main characters you can play is a shape shifter
* Jack the Thief is a playable character, but you have to train him up at first - he doesn't know how to lockpick chests in the begininng!
* There is an old lady in the desert who buys salamander skins (if you sell her 12, she makes a salamander armour you can purchase)
* There is a Coliseum where gladiator fights take place in the desert city (although you only enter one to save a girl)
* There is a fighter near the Coliseum called Herman the Terrible who sais he's never been beaten yet (Terrible Trevor, anyone?

All I can remember for now, but it is a fair bit... It seems that Amaranth thought they hadn't got any money for the idea, so they decided to make it again... Which is fine by me, I just find it interesting.


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