Level 28

[Post New]by Rett_from_bc on Jun 23, 14 9:17 AM
hi all, Has anyone figured out how to get the $2M in level 28 as well as build all the windmills??

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Re:Level 28

[Post New]by 123mikey321 on Jun 23, 14 1:36 PM
This was a whirlwind level and after about 10 tries finally got it. Was moving so fast is hard to remember exactly but her is an outline.

All at once: Build Sawmill/Workshop (if you're luck you'll have a lot or too not next to a house) and sell Manor
Buy 5000 wood, start building mansions and inspect them

Hired 9 workers real quick then 3 more as first two mansions were being built, ended up w/ 27 - Train works right away

Now is the balancing act, buy lots or destroy lesser houses you have and keep building/inspecting mansions. You want to have enough wood so when a building spot comes available you can build right away.

While buying/building/inspecting I upgraded 4 mansions to three stars and one to 2 stars giving you about $400,000 rent.

At around the 4 minute mark had most all this done and was left with 2 manors and one farm house to buy. Also was finishing up the last upgrades and making sure I inspected everything.

At the five minute mark I destroyed the farmhouse and manor to build windmills. You don't need but about 1500 wood at this point as when you destroy a mansion you get enough wood for the windmills.

Made sure I had 27 workers and would check money then start destroying a couple mansions at a time that weren't upgraded.

At about the 6 minute mark had the five upgraded mansions left and just got over 2 mil so started destroying and building windmills.

Just replayed it so I could write this and finished with about 20 seconds left.

Good Luck!

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Re:Level 28

[Post New]by cleep100 on Jun 26, 14 9:43 PM
Just to add some additional thoughts:

You don't have to demolish your sawmill or your workshop. They aren't Houses so they are okay.

Upgrade mansions just as fast as you can, and build at least 8 or so. More if you have time.

I didn't need 27 workers. I think I had about 15, maybe?

Once you have a bunch of mansions built and upgraded, start destroying the smaller houses and building windmills. The smaller houses won't contribute much to the $2 million goal, and you'll need the extra time at the end.

It is definitely do-able, so keep trying!

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