Just. Not. ENOUGH!!

[Post New]by hair_teeth_iball on Jun 23, 14 12:16 PM
So I took a little break from DM this weekend to do some other stuff. Among which, was to try out a couple of the new F2P games, Agency 33 and Mystic Saga. While ok, neither storyline really gripped my attention and there was a sameness to the gameplay. That's four other games, with Lost and Midnight Castle, that I've tried (well, there was The Aviator, too, but that's different) and came right back to DM.
So, once again and never often enough:


Ok, yeah, Found, the Lost ripoff.

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Re:Just. Not. ENOUGH!!

[Post New]by LadySparkle55 on Jun 23, 14 12:32 PM
HAHA! And here I thought you meant property. . .to which I would add Hear Hear!

The only "break" I've taken with DM was enforced (ie, game down) which broke my heart, but (!) the amazing people in CS got it back for me. yay! Couldn't get into Agency 33. . .haven't tried Mystic Saga. . . if by Lost you mean Found, it passed from challenging to annoying when the scenes were more in the dark than in the light. Who needs that? Give me a flashlight already. . .and I just took Midnight Castle off, don't want to spend anymore money on a game and diamonds were impossible to come by.

I do love DM and don't understand all the negative reviews. . .well, . . maybe I do. It's not exactly an instant gratification game.

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Re:Just. Not. ENOUGH!!

[Post New]by doofus09 on Jun 23, 14 5:34 PM
LadySparkle55 wrote:HAHA! And here I thought you meant property. . .to which I would add Hear Hear!


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Re:Just. Not. ENOUGH!!

[Post New]by LaReinaGitana on Jun 23, 14 8:56 PM
I thought you meant gold -- of which there is NEVER enough!

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