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[Post New]by hmparis on Jun 24, 14 1:50 AM
I understand GS is available for MAC again, my original purchase date was back in 05 I believe. I wrote BFG and was told to follow a set of instructions so I can play it again; however the instructions cannot be followed as I don't get the screens the instructions said I would: Go to Purchase History. (You may need to sign in to your account, first.)
You should see a list of all of the games you've purchased. Locate the game you'd like to install in this list.
Click on "Install Now".
A screen will pop up. Click on "Run" if it's available or "Save File" if not.
If you clicked on Save File, please double-click on the .exe download file now. Otherwise, please continue to #5.
Click on "Run". (This will open the Big Fish Games app for you.)
Follow the app steps to complete the download and activation.
Once this is finished you should be able to click the 'Play' button to start play

I do get to install now - however, it tells me I already own the game and that is the end of what I can do - which is nothing - Help!


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[Post New]by Blooming_Lilac on Jul 8, 14 12:48 AM
Hi. Have you tried clicking on the "Try this game" link at the top of this forum page? If you're signed in, you can click on the "Play Now" button as if you were downloading the free trial and it should activate the full game for you if you've already bought it and you're using the same profile/email address to sign in. Hope that helps. If it doesn't work, I'd contact BFG again. Good luck!

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