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Dragging the veggies ?

[Post New]by 1meemaw4u on Jun 24, 14 11:07 PM
To make more room in the market I need to "drag the pieces" to the colored area below.
I can't make them drag. That usually to click on the object and pull it to the spot you want it in. No dice, nothing moves.

Also can't I can't move the tangled string puzzles. I starting to run out of fun.

Both of these are common games that I enjoy but they don't move. Any help out there in the pond? Pretty please !


Re:Dragging the veggies ?

[Post New]by OakIris on Jul 8, 14 8:32 AM
I see that you are having the same issue with the game that I am having; I started a new thread about it yesterday because your title "dragging the veggies?" didn't click - I thought you were trying to do something with the vegetables you had planted in one of the fields. lol

My thread is here: http://forums.bigfishgames.com/posts/list/287495.page and I also posted in the pinned "technical problems" thread, but, like you, have received no responses at all. Do you have the Mac version of the game or the PC version?

Well, we now know that there are at least two of us experiencing this problem, which means there must be many more. It would be nice if someone from Big Fish Games would give us the courtesy of a response, but you have been waiting for 2 weeks for one so it doesn't seem likely, does it?

Too bad, because I like the game, but this glitch is annoying. And it is getting expensive to skip these mini games - the price keeps going up.

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