Last HOP?

[Post New]by deedso on Jun 25, 14 4:33 AM
I finished game and bonus (I think). Went to play all the HOPs in "extras" for gold medals. Yet, there is 1 that is locked and says I can see when I finish all the HOPs in game. Is there some way I MISSED an HOP??? Anyone see this?

Also, I never got secret achievement either. I played game, bonus game, all HOPs (except the one) in extras. May have to play all the puzzles in extras as well

Thanks for any input. Nice game!

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Re:Last HOP?

[Post New]by Tufty57 on Jun 25, 14 9:08 AM
If you collect all the chests, you get a bonus trip to the bank which opens up a seemingly endless HOP.

Is this the one?


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Re:Last HOP?

[Post New]by robbinrn on Jun 28, 14 1:49 PM
There is a bonus room to play after you have played something from the extras menu. I don't know if it is the souvenir room, the chest room or the chest hunt. I think it is a "bank" room . I hope this helps.

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Re:Last HOP?

[Post New]by jcsgame on Jun 29, 14 10:10 AM
Hi deedso:

Welcome to the Pond.

You might not be able to get at the "locked" HOS because you have not collected all of the "chests".

After you have finished the Main Game and the Bonus Game, click on the EXTRAS box from the Main Menu Screen.

Click on the CHEST HUNT box. That will allow you to find all of the chests that you missed, while you were playing the game. Once you have collected all of the Chests, you can play the "last HOS" Bank Scene. That should unlock the locked HOS scene.

There should be 11 HOS scenes that you can play.

When you click on the SOUVENIR ROOM box, and on a shadowed item in the Souvenir Room, you will be taken from scene-to-scene to find one item in each scene.

This game has some nice extras to it.

Hope my information helps you.

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