Expert Level 5

[Post New]by PowertoolGal on Jun 26, 14 10:57 AM
I am can I increase the farmhouse appeal to +40. The lots are laid out in 2s or I put a windmill in the middle of two farmhouses, I paint each farmhouse and then light them -- which gets each house to +25....any thoughts?


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[Post New]by KLSRAH on Jun 27, 14 4:19 AM
Hi PowertoolGal. You need to place a farmhouse in between the windmills across the middle section, I then painted, appraised and lit them. which gave me the +40
windmill farmhouse windmill, windmill farmhouse windmill.

I built about 3 mansions to get enough money and placed a cemetery each side of the manor's to bring the price down with enough time to finish off.

I hope this helps you,as I am now stuck on the next level.


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[Post New]by globee501 on Jul 9, 14 4:54 PM
I tried what you said and I get 40 but it doesn't let me win. ????????????????

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[Post New]by zara137 on Jul 9, 14 6:08 PM
You still need the premier manor
Build a mansion and sell it, buy the Premier lot, demolish house, build manor

Place the farmhouse between two windmills
Do the same on the right and the left sides across the middle
then when you paint and light them, they will be +40 each

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