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Help somewbody with this game,

[Post New]by scotcat on Jul 4, 08 12:39 AM
luilo913 wrote: the first one was better that this one, too much blah.blah, the astec wall was the
worst to look for it, and I am now in the wall that the guy walk like it Spiderman
and fell if I do not found all the objects on time, I need for two objects, but he always he is falling and falling and I do not see the objects, please i somebody
know what I have to do, I will be appreciated

Agreed about all the talking. Especially by Will who isn't the sharpest tool in the shed. I didn't like the first Hide & Secret because it annoyed me with the people flashing in & out of a room everytime I found a HO.

The final wall is hard. I'm pretty good at finding things, but this one took me awhile. It helps to walk away from the game for a few minutes, then come back and look. It may take you many times to find all the items. There is no walkthrough or tips posted anywhere about where all the hidden items are and I can't remember.

I had fun watching Will fall off the wall though. Too bad he kept getting back up.

Keep trying & good luck!

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Re:Help somewbody with this game,

[Post New]by griffgirl on Jul 3, 11 6:58 PM
I liked Hide & Secret 1 and am enjoying HIde & Secret 3 but this one has way, way, way too much dialog. This game could be shortened by about an hour without it.

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