Stuck at Rearranging Bottles

[Post New]by rainbowdragon70 on Jul 3, 14 12:35 PM
I am stuck again.

Got pincers, token, ice pick, and 2 parts of the map.

The hint button points to the the shelves where I have to rearrange the bottles, but I can't do that!

Any help welcomed.


Re:Stuck at Rearranging Bottles

[Post New]by Briteness on Jul 3, 14 3:40 PM
I am also stuck at the same stage. I have the same items in my inventory as you (token, pincers, pick and two(2) pieces of the map). Unable to find any additional items that would help me move further in the game. The hint button takes me back to the rearranging the bottles on the shelf. Looks like I have to wait for a solution, too bad for me.


Re:Stuck at Rearranging Bottles

[Post New]by suzievb on Jul 5, 14 8:38 PM
You are suppose to use pinchers to pick up diagram behind the radiator, but the game won't let us.

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Re:Stuck at Rearranging Bottles

[Post New]by molla311 on Aug 30, 14 6:11 AM
Same here

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