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Do Any Of The ND Games

[Post New]by Yaelle on Jul 4, 14 2:42 AM
have free trials available? Here at this site?

I've tried two so far & they are spectacular. I dont think I necessarily need to try them out to make sure they're any good, as I need to do with most games, but I just want to try to figure out which one(s) to go with.

So if anyone can let me know whether there ARE any with free trials here? I've been scanning thru but its hard to find all of them.

Other game developers can learn a thing or two. And the nostagia factor doesnt hurt any. Even if they do have a strange mix of some titles that are straight from the books but then others that arent.

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Re:Do Any Of The ND Games

[Post New]by julesyhedgehog on Jul 4, 14 8:49 AM
No, the Nancy Drew games generally do not have a trial since they are large games. All of the Nancy Drew games are based upon a Nancy Drew book but not all the games have the same title as the book.


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