BFG forum issue?

[Post New]by hair_teeth_iball on Jul 5, 14 8:30 AM
Is anyone else having problems with the mailbox management items in "My Messages"? My "Select All\None" will not work, nor will "Delete Selected" once messages are manually selected.

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Re:BFG forum issue?

[Post New]by ArgentFarfel on Jul 5, 14 8:50 AM
My mailbox hasn't worked in over a month. To be honest, I didn't think anyone's was still working.
Worse yet, my "delete" button doesn't work either. I did put a request in for them to look at that. They emailed me that a few people had that problem and they would look into it.
Good luck.


Re:BFG forum issue?

[Post New]by frothnbubble on Jul 5, 14 4:33 PM
Hiya hair_teeth_iball,
I PM'd you yesterday and today.
Looks like one of us has a CS to do.

By the by, thanks for your concern and I'll
stay with A HASTY RETREAT2 for now.


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Re:BFG forum issue?

[Post New]by bfgWendwater on Jul 5, 14 7:33 PM
Hey All,

That's very strange, indeed and I'm sorry to see that's happening.

Have you tried using a different internet browser or clearing the cache in your current browser? Sometimes information can get stored in your web browser, preventing pages from working properly and it's often best to clear this information out. Check out the link below for some help to do this on your computer:

Clear Browser Cache

I hope his helps.


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Re:BFG forum issue?

[Post New]by hair_teeth_iball on Jul 5, 14 7:54 PM
Hi, Wendwater. Gave it a try; no luck. Using IE 11, which I have for a while. Seems this was only recently, last month or two, as I've been able to delete msgs before. I sent a CS ticket in earlier with a Dr Felix, so we'll see. I'm only at 20% capacity, now, so I have time. And scotch. No worries.

Hope you had a Great 4th!

ETA: Ok, new twist. Mailbox management works just fine in IOS.

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