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PLEASE help with China Day 49!!!

[Post New]by Linde36 on Mar 29, 09 9:52 PM
I have tried and tried and tried to get past this China Day 49...but can't get the pieces from the middle column in time. I am almost ready to toss the game in the rubbish bin. HOW do you get those pieces out of the middle column and into a column where they can be brought to the bottom and out?????
PLEASE HELP!!!~ (thanks)

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Re:PLEASE help with China Day 49!!!

[Post New]by GmaGale on Mar 30, 09 7:58 PM
Okay, the first thing you need to do is get the 4 pieces down from the column onto the "main" part of the board. Make some matches under the pieces, and they'll fall down. Now the fun begins:

Look to the right and left of the puzzle pieces (notice they are above the block on the bottom row, which is preventing them from falling out) - try to make 2 same-colors on one side of the piece(s), and the same color on the other side of the piece. Example: 2 red on left, puzzle piece, 1 red on right. You now have a "match three", and can move your puzzle piece off the block on the bottom row. Do this for all the pieces.

I generally use the Single Hammer - it's quick to power up, and will let me drop down that one piece I need for the match 3. Also, it's perfect for releasing a tile on the bottom row, so the puzzle piece falls off the board, which will help with the remaining pieces. Occasionally, I use the Bomb to clear the area. Very rarely do I use Tesla's hammer, and I never use the Fireball.

You will use this same method (2 same-color on one side, 1 same color on the other side) for other puzzles between now and the last day of the journey.

Good Luck!

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